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Welcome to my world!

Hello there! My name is Alice and i am a fullstack web dev. I like to start a lot of side projects, but finish only a few of them.

My contacts

You can send me an email (preferred):
I can also be reached via telegram.

My time in my timezone is:

I also made a lil badge to show if i am currently online. Cool, huh?
A badge showing if i am online or not. Sorry, the only way to know it is to load the gif. It would be all greeny if i am online
how does it work?


This website collects anonymous metrics via umami. Anonymous means there is no identity attached to those metrics.
Also you can view it here


You can find the list of my projects here.


See here


I like webrings.

A button saying haaien webring A button saying asexuals now

Facebook & social media

Reject social media. It's evil

A badge saying: (not f'd) You won't find me on facebook

World's thoughts

Did you ever wonder what a caterpillar looks like?

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