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a few phylosophical thoughts

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i mean, it is such a simple fucking truth coming from a kids tv show. it took me so long to realise that you don't moan about problems: you kick them in the butt, as hard as you can.

afterall, what is stopping you? like, imagine if you want to get the best job ever, but you don't think that you will pass the test so you dont apply at all.

but the thing is, nothing actually stopped you from applying. like, you may get rejected, and so what? you may have like a 0.1% chance of actually getting the job, you might just as well get it. as long as the chance exists, no matter how small it is or how small it may seem, the job is worth applying for.

my point is you can easily waste all of your life lurking because you are too afraid of getting rejected or whatever. the question is, do you want to waste your life being afraid? personally, i wouldn't. i would kick life in the butt when it gives me a hard time. and you should too, unknown stranger.

just remember this: it doesnt hurt to try. ever.r

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